Flowd – Playing with the Places

Flowd is an application for fans and artists to interact together, but it has many features that are fun to use. In this post I am going to tell how to get more from Flowd and how to benefit from Flowd’s location features. I have been using iPhone version of the Flowd for a while and I am quite active user. I use many of its features and, especially, I like Flowd’s “Places” –feature.

Flowd Places

The places tab is the view where users can find interesting places where to visit. One Flowd’s attraction is that I can visit places and share that information to my friends in Flowd (I will tell more about Flowd’s social networking features later). Another appealing feature is creation of places and commenting them by text and photos. If I am in a new place I will check from Flowd are there some interesting places nearby. If I find some interesting place, I will go to that place, visit and share that information to my friends. If I find new interesting place and it is not in Flowd I will create it, it’s fun for me. Creating the place is very simple:

  1. Go to places view
  2. If the place is not there or there are no places, create one by pressing add (in top right corner of the view)
  3. Write the name of the place, check the address
  4. Select category from several options
  5. And when you are ready, press done (in the top right corner of the view)

[nggallery id=2]

Now you can visit the place and let others find that place too!

Commenting Places

I like to comment and share pictures in places. If there is something interesting in the place currently happening, I will shoot a photo or write a comment to place. It is fun way to share others what has happened in that place. Imagine nice summer day at the beautiful park. Open Flowd, go to places tab, visit (or create and visit) the park, shoot a photo and upload it to that place. It is the start of the story that can be continued by other Flowd users by commenting and adding own pictures to places. When I visit some new place I will always check if there are some comments or nice pictures. This works especially with restaurants: I will check the comments and photos (there might be screws in portions) from that place and see what others have said.

You can share your place comments and photos following way:

  1. Go to places tab and select some place
  2. Open the place by tapping the place and now you will see place’s details
  3. Select “comments and photos” and you will see places flow
  4. You can write comment or share picture by tapping the text field
  5. Write your message and tap send (in the top right corner of the view)

[nggallery id=3]

Special Events in Flowd

You can find the special events from the places view. Currently there is running ASOT 500 Global Radio Show that is visible in Flowd places. This special event is good example how fun it is share and see comments and photos.

Let’s go out and find new places and share that to the world!

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